Posted: April 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today I find myself so frustrated that I’m actually going to finally break the ice and post something.  I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer on 9/15/2010.  They told me I had maybe a year.  I said bullshit to that, and became my own cheerleader.  I did 4 months of chemo, one of my biggest regrets.  It’s possible I wouldn’t be here today had I not done that, but of course, that is pure speculation.  

Speculation.  A word that comes up every day in my conversations.  I spoke to a surgeon recently, and every time I asked a question, his reply was, “It’s your decision.”  No shit, Sherlock.  How about giving me some facts and information upon which to base my decision?  But no, all you have to offer me is speculation, correct?  He admitted this is true.

96% of people who receive my diagnosis are dead within 5 years, and I am halfway there.  After chemo, I had 3 scans over a year and a half that showed no growth.  It would take too long to list all of the natural therapies I am using, but I was convinced that it was because of these therapies that my cancer didn’t grow.  Until it grew again.  Now I have a tumor the size of a baseball near my adrenal gland.  It has almost pinched shut my vena cava, and it’s threatening to cut off the hepatic vein as well.  While the oncologist was not brutally specific, I came away with the impression that either of those events would kill me.

Since I am vehemently opposed to chemo/radiation, they have suggested surgery to “de-bulk” the tumor.  

Eh, I’m done for now.  I’ll post it, regardless of how lame it is, in hopes that I will be inspired to do this more often.